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Organize. Protect. Travel.

We believe you have to go where life takes you and live the world’s adventure. Just make sure you have what you need and arrive in style. With North Philadelphia roots and being raised in Norristown, PA, Jason E., The LoO Company creator, has traveled the world from one continent to another, but has always found himself unsuccessfully looking for just “the right” high quality, practical, stylish travel accessories. With a laptop, a globetrotter lifestyle, an eye for design and a few reference materials our company was born. Est. 2016.  


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Travel the world, Change your view, Open your mind.

Built with passion for providing value in quality materials and design, the journey is worth every step. The goal is to create essential travel items that encourage and facilitate travel, cultural experience and broader understanding. This is what we live for.

I'm Around.

Our company creator likes to move around, get around and go around. The world has a plethora of places to see, events to experience and opportunities to offer, you just have to be willingness to go get it. So many times, when asking Jason E. "where have you been?"...often the response is "I'm Around." With the meaning of taking action towards goals and aspirations. And as always, on those short trips or long journeys, both figuratively and physically, us at The LoO Company want to make sure you have the right travel accessories along the way.